What’s your next adventure?

At Elinchrom, adventure is in our nature.
We explore the unknown.


We pursue your wildest dreams. We enable you to capture life’s greatest moments by creating the world’s most portable and durable lighting gear.

Since 1962, we have been pushing the boundaries to bring innovative lighting solutions to visual creators.
Your imagination is our inspiration.
Your exploration is our motivation.
Your challenge is our next adventure.
Share the beauty from your perspective with Elinchrom.

What’s your next adventure?


Over half a century of lighting innovation

Since 1962, Elinchrom has been producing the world’s most portable and durable lighting gear to offer adventurous photographers maximum freedom and control.

1960 1970

1960 – 1970

"Life is an epic Adventure"
Gerry Demieville, ‘The Adventurer’ & founder of Elinchrom

"Life is an epic Adventure"
Gerry Demieville, ‘The Adventurer’ & founder of Elinchrom


Gerry Demieville founds Elinchrom

After setting up an electrical business in Venezuela, Gerry Demieville returns to Switzerland to create the flash manufacturing company Elinca (now Elinchrom).


Introduction of the P1: the first portable flash unit

Elinchrom introduces its first portable flash unit at the renowned photography exhibition Photokina in Cologne, Germany. The P1 weighs 16 kg and delivers 600 Ws.


A new pack with new flash heads

Elinchrom develops P1s, even lighter than the P1, with small flash heads for precise, focussed lighting results


The Quanta powerpack changes the game

Elinchrom invents a new easy-to-carry powerpack with 1000 Ws of stored energy.

1970 1980

1970 - 1980

Go for the next generation

Go for the next generation


The Cadet 500 replaces the P1

Offering extremely fast recycling times, the new Cadet 500 offers flash photographers unprecedented freedom to explore.


Launch of the Dia-Duplicator & Photo Repro Bench

Elinchrom innovates with the Dia-Duplicator & Photo Repro Bench, enabling photographers to copy unreplaceable images.


Elinchrom empowers a new generation

Elinchrom introduces a series of 3 new power-packs as well as new generation lamp heads to enhance the creative possibilities of adventurous photographers.

1980 1990

1980 - 1990

A change at the helm and game-changing innovations

A change at the helm and game-changing innovations


Introduction of the first radio-controlled trigger system

Elinchrom introduces the first radio-controlled triggering system and unleashes the creative energy of photographers.


Elinchrom enters a new era

Malcolm D. Whittle, Elinchrom’s leading distributor succeeds Gerry Demieville after his death and drives the company into exciting new territory.


The N°1 name in portability

Elinchrom releases the compact EL 50 (500 WS) and the EL 101 Rapid, a new lightweight, and superfast powerpack.

1990 2000

1990 - 2000

Exploring new territory for creativity

Exploring new territory for creativity


Elinchrom goes asymmetric

Elinchrom develops Asymmetrical power packs to offer photographers precision lighting control.


Lighter, stronger, and more affordable

Elinchrom pushes the boundaries with a third range of lightweight power packs: the Chic 1 (1200Ws) and Chic 2 (2400Ws) and affordable lamp heads.

2000 2010

2000 - 2010

More freedom, more control

More freedom, more control


Launch of the first battery-operated flash unit

Strong and robust, Elinchrom’s Ranger RX battery pack was built like a tank, providing outdoor photographers with the perfect setup.


Introduction of the wireless EL-Skyport

For the first time, the EL-Skyport wireless radio remote system enables photographers to control the power settings of their Elinchrom units without any cables.


Launch of the D-Lite range for entry-level

To rise to the challenges of entry-level photographers, Elinchrom launches a new range of compacts: the unbeatable D-Lite range.


A new invitation for semi-professional photographers

Elinchrom opens doors for up & coming talent with the launch of the BXRi 250/500 units.


Getting ahead with the Ranger Quadra Battery Pack

Elinchrom leads the way with the launch of the Ranger Quadra Battery Pack, the smallest and most portable high-power flash unit on the marketplace.

2010 Present

2010 - Present

The next big Adventure

The next big Adventure


50 years of lighting innovation

On the 26th January 2012, Elinchrom celebrates its 50th anniversary and all the adventures to come.


Chris Whittle becomes CEO of Elinchrom

Elinchrom owner Malcolm D Whittle passes away on December 30th and his son Chris Whittle becomes CEO.


Power & Speed

Elinchrom introduces the ELC Pro HD compact range and brings unrivaled power and recycling times to photographers in the studio.


Unprecedented Control

Elinchrom launches the EL-Skyport Transmitter Hi-Sync (Elinchrom Pro Transmitter). Its Hi-Sync technology allows photographers to take control of all shutter speeds up to 1/8000s.


The world’s most advanced battery-powered unit

The ELB 1200 succeeds the Ranger RX and is quickly adopted by the most demanding outdoor photographers. Elinchrom partners with Red Bull Photography to celebrate sports photography at its highest level.


First TTL enabled unit

Elinchrom builds on its heritage and know-how in battery packs and speeds up photographers’ workflow with the ELB 500 TTL.


Next Generation Elinchrom: Simon Whittle takes the Reigns

After five years of dedication and innovation, Chris Whittle hands over the business to his younger brother Simon. He brings a fresh open mind to rise to the challenges of the market. A whole new universe of exciting lighting adventures are in the pipeline.


What’s your next adventure?

Elinchrom introduces their first off-camera flash unit, the Elinchrom ONE along with the launch of a brand new website. With this new move, Elinchrom wants to give all adventurous photographers, wherever their level and wherever they are in the world, easy access to Elinchrom’s expert guidance and top-quality lighting gear.

Watch this space for your next adventure.