Winners of the Selfie Gear Contest 2023


4 weeks of creativity & fun!

Throughout April 2023, Elinchrom has held an online contest to provide an opportunity for photographers around the world to show their style of photography and enrich our image-making culture.

Based on the concept of a “Selfie Gear”, photographers had to submit on Facebook and / or Instagram a creative picture where both the photographer and some Elinchrom equipment was shown.

After receiving many stunning submissions over the 4-weeks contest period, Elinchrom is very proud to present the 6 best #GearSelfies below!

Congratulations everyone for your amazing work!

Mathilde Delozier

Nightfall Reverie: Umbrella in the Poetic Fields

Selfie Gear by Mathilde Delozier

“I wanted to create a poetic image in a field, with the only light coming from my umbrella, highlighting the ease of use of the Elinchrom ONE

Gear Used

Lighting: 1x the Elinchrom ONE (hidden in the umbrella)

Visual: 1x Deep Silver Umbrella 105cm (41″)

Favorite Gear

The Elinchrom ONE

I love the versatility and portability of the ONE, which I use in almost every shoot.

About Mathilde Instagram

Elisha Knight


Selfie Gear by Elisha Knight

“A self portrait and light test taken during the quarantine of 2020. “

Gear Used

Lighting: The Elinchrom ELC 500

Visual: Rotalux Deep Octa Softbox 100cm (39″)

Favorite Gear

My favorite setup from Elinchrom is combining the  FIVE with the 39” Deep Rotalux Octa. It’s so versatile and I often use that combo for both my food and portrait work.

About Elisha

Elisha Knight Studios


Juan Pablo Jaramillo

Face Sand

Selfie Gear by Juan Pablo Jaramillo

“My aim was to craft an image that would leave a lasting visual impact on the viewer.
What’s better than a high-speed picture? Initially, I thought of doing it with water, but I finally decided to use sand. I shot this picture without any assistance. In one hand, I had the shutter release cable, and in the other, a cardboard with a handful of sand. After several attempts, the studio became covered in sand, and so did my nose and eyes… Finally, I managed to capture a couple of images that met my expectations.

Gear Used

3x ELC Pro HD1000, 1x ELB400

Favorite Gear

The ELB 400

About Juan Pablo / Instagram

Stuart Freeman

My Elinchrom Gear Evolution

Selfie Gear by Stuart Freeman

“I wasn’t sure which piece of Elinchrom equipment to use for my selfie shot.
Having started my studio 15 years ago, I have accumulated a collection of Elinchrom gear over time. That’s when the idea struck me: why not showcase the evolution of my setup?

Gear Used

3 x Elinchrom BX500RI
1 x Elinchrom BX250RI
2 x Elinchrom ELC Pro 1000 heads
Lots of Rotalux Softboxes

Favorite Gear

My Rotalux Softboxes: they are so versatile!

About Stuart  / Instagram

Zackary Downey

Waves of light

Selfie Gear by Zackary Downey

“I utilized direct and indirect light sources at a very low power to illuminate myself, along with reflectors to bounce light back into the scene. My camera was mounted on a tripod and operated using a wireless shutter release. The resulting image was excellent, but I desired to add an extra touch. To achieve this, I employed a small LED light and set the camera to a long exposure. I then traced around the modifiers to accentuate the presence of the Elinchrom gear. Additionally, I stacked eight images and used dodge and burn techniques to highlight the Elinchrom logos, effectively promoting the brand.

Gear Used

2x ELC Pro HD 1000
3x D-lite RX ONE / 4
Indirect Litemotiv Octa Softbox 190cm (75″)
Rotalux Deep Octa Softbox Indirect 150cm (59″)
2x Softbox Portalite 66cm

Favorite Gear

The ELC Pro HD 1000 packs a lot of punch

About Zackary


Rick Akkerman

Searching for the Elinchrom FIVE on the planet Elinchrom

Selfie Gear by Rick Akkerman

“The idea was to make a planet scenery with products of Elinchrom and the right light that gave me the right look and feel.
I made a detector and lightblaster out of Elinchrom equipment

Gear Used

• Elinchrom ONE
• OCF Gel Dome Kit (red)
• Softlite Silver Beauty Dish Reflector 44cm (17.3″)
Softboxes landscape:
• Rotalux Recta Softbox 60x80cm (23.6×31.5″)
• Rotalux Recta Softbox 90x110cm (35.5×43″)
• Rotalux Deep Octa Softbox 100cm (39″)
• Rotalux Deep Octa Softbox 70cm (27.5″)
• Rotalux Octa Softbox 175cm (69″)
• Rotalux Go Octa Softbox 60cm (24’’)
• Rotalux Go Strip Softbox 35x75cm (14×30’’)
• Portalite Octa Softbox 56 cm

Moon trolley:
• ELB 500 TTL
• Elinchrom ONE
• OCF Gel Dome kit ( blue)
• Maxi White Reflector 40cm
• Standard Reflector 21cm (8.3″)
• Elinchrom Deflector Kit ( golden color)

• Elinchrom ONE
• OCF Gel Dome Kit (green )
• Snoot Reflector & Grid
• High Performance Reflector 26cm (10.2″)

Favorite Gear

The Elinchrom ONE

About Rick / Instagram